March 08, 2015

Meant For More

road to ramlee

Routine will always try to charm you.

Money will forever want to make you a deal.

But the sunrise will always remain free.

Don't let those wings lay low by your side.

Cause what would this world be?

If your heroes never left the world of common day?

They chose to give back.

And realised that our very purpose is to add to this world.

So, go forth and dig deep.

Because this world needs your voice.

The melody of your imperfections.

For you are the only, the perfect you.


Be part of this great thirsty mystery.

For you are...

Meant for more.



  1. ni lagu ke?...mitan maaf ya...tak berapa ikut sangat cite ni...^_^

  2. ini lagu ke? tak pernah follow citer nih..

  3. salam.. singgah pagi di sini...

  4. Lame xsinggah sini..btw klik promot content..

  5. Lirik lagu ke Budak?,,,

  6. "Money will forever want to make you a deal.. But the sunrise will always remain free"
    suka bait ni.. memang semua setel guna duit.. tapi ada tiny things in life yang sentiasa free tak ada charge tapi kita tak hargai..

  7. toing toing
    tumpang laluuuu..
    lirik lagu ke ko yang karang ni?